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Why we need your help

We are looking to add an audio tour that expands into the city of Berea. But, our small team is not aware of all of the amazing stories hiding throughout our region of the Appalachian mountains. This is why we need your help. We want to offer an audio tour that visitors or townies can take via walking, bike rides, or even in the car. This will allow for many stops, so if you have a story please submit it below!


It is important for you to give us contact information when we get your brief story so we can reach back out to learn more!
If you need to contact someone, feel free to email or call (859)985-3145.


The first phase that we are starting on with this project is all stories related to a place or landmark. This will help us initiate the layout for the tour before we begin trying to tie in other stories. However, we are interested in adding everyone's story to this project! Feel free to add all stories that have a relation within Berea's city limits.

Historical Stories of Berea & Berea College

Historical Stories of Berea & Berea College

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Where is the location tied to your story?
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